Bold is the spirit of our city.
An attitude of Innovative courage.
Courage to follow nature,
an eye to see it
and a heart to feel it.
Nature is the source of our innovation,
our imagination and the blue print of our work.
It makes us appreciate work as an idea and an idea as work.
It teaches us the beauty of team work,
and introduces team members
to something much bigger than themselves.
None of us are as smart as all of us.
Only the whole team can perfect the Gigs.
Nature is fun and playful.
It’s all around us and inside of us.
We recognise it, we allow it
we shape it and it shapes us.
It’s efficient and self sufficient.
It’s effective and instinctive.
It’s Bold.
It’s Innovative.
And it’s the mind of all of our Gigs.
We do Bold Innovative Gigs.
And that’s BIG.